Oops- I Accidentally Unplugged From the Universe

When connected to the cosmic force of the universe, anything is possible.  God is not a judge and jury but rather a sacred force that wants to cocreate with us in our evolution.

There are times in our lives when the plug is pulled out of the outlet and we loose our conscious connection to the Divine. This is more than likely an unintentional act but life has the tendency to throw us sideways or we forget our daily work. No matter the case, getting back to that powerful connection is key.

From The Dairy of A Spiritual Warrior-

My life over the past 3 years has been an emotional rollercoaster. I haven’t experienced such unstable footing since I have been a teenager. And, on top of it, the raging anger that once plagued me was back in full force.

I needed something to help support me through this dark uncertain time. In so many ways, I felt like a failure in life because all of the work I had put into myself seemed fruitless. I asked myself, “Did all the self exploration and tools of empowerment that I had collected just fail me in the end? Was all the work a simple waste of time?”

Through my struggle, I didn’t really trust the tools I had used in the past because, here I was, 40 years later, with the same issues I had started with.

At my lowest points, I always call on divine assistance. I’m a bit stubborn and it usually takes me a little while to surrender but, eventually I do. Always, without fail, the assistance comes.

Of course, it came through yoga for me. My sister was in town and I wanted her to get healing from a practice that brought so much to me. But it was me who received healing—From the movement and from the Dharma that came with it.

I was reminded in the class to open my heart and listen to its calling. The asana practice, the movements and posture, move our energy, open our bodies and if we bring mindfulness to our practice, it can us guidance to live our day to day lives.

Whatever we need, we can put that intention into our practice. To follow our heart, we calling, we need strength and courage. We get this by stoking and building  fire within our 3rd Chakra located in our solar plexus, so we do poses that at concentrated in this area.

When I walk into a yoga class, my prayer is that it gives me whatever I truly need and the practice always delivers.